“Every painting tells a story of not only a moment in nature and time, but also of our own transition and change.”

Welcome to Frog's Leap Gallery. Carol Perron Sommerfield is an award winning representational artist who works primarily in oil, pastels and watercolor. Her paintings are in private collections across the U.S., Europe, and Canada.   .

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Welcome to Frog's Leap Gallery

Welcome to Autumn!
Glorious, vibrant, boisterous fall is here! I've recently finished (is anything ever really finished?) a number of paintings of autumn, which I'm sharing below. Most are 99% there, a few may head back into the studio.

We recently returned from Montana and Glacier National Park.  As beautiful as that scenery was, I was enthralled with the Howe Ridge fire. That sent me into the studio upon my return to do a few studies for larger paintings. I'm fixated.

From September into early November painting plays second fiddle to my work as chair of the annual Beaux Arts exhibit, which highlights and supports Westchester artists, and the proceeds contribute to a scholarship fund. Then there is the Haunted House fundraiser - a huge event that allows me to be a set designer for a week. Finally, I'll be submitting a painting (or two) to the Ardsley Friends of the Visual Arts auction on Friday, November 16 at the Ardsley High School in support of art education in the Ardsley School district.  

I normally feature new paintings on this page, but I though I would also include some older ones at the end that celebrate autumn (after the Howe Ridge paintings).  Enjoy!
Recent paintings that celebrate autumn (including a recent still life) 
In the AFVA Auction
In the AFVA Auction