Funds raised for non-profits through the Exhibit
Thank you!

Carol Perron Sommerfield
March 18 through April 29, 2023
at the
The Howard and Ruth Jacobs Gallery
All proceeds from the exhibit benefited local organizations and projects that supported three themes: land/habitat conservation/restoration/education, food insecurity, and affordable housing.

The Benefit Exhibit Book 

There were three main themes and the paintings within those themes can be accessed by clicking on the theme below.   

    The Land
    The Food
    The Housing

The Benefiting Organizations:  

​Bronx River/Sound Shore Audubon Chapter  (The Land)
Dobbs Ferry Food Pantry  (The Food)
Greenburgh Nature Center (The Land)
Hearts and Homes for Refugees (The Housing)
Healthy Yards/Westchester Pollinators (The Land)
Lake Muskoday Homeowners' Association (The Land)
The Friends of Hilltop Hanover Farm and Environmental Center (The Food and The Land)
The Fuller Center for Housing of Greater New York (The Housing)
Westchester Land Trust (The Land)

Detail by Beneficiary

Bronx River/SS Audubon                        $1,368 
Dobbs Ferry Food Pantry                       $627.50 
Greenburgh Nature Center                     $913.00 
Healthy Yards                                       $1,093.50 
Hearts & Homes for Refugees               $2,408.00 
Hilltop Hanover Farm                             $1,876.00 
Lake Muskoday Homeowners' Assoc.     $3,623.50 
The Fuller Center for Housing, NY           $628.00 
Westchester Land Trust                         $1,183 
Greenburgh Public Library                      $1,245.50