“Every painting tells a story of not only a moment in nature and time, but also of our own transition and change.”

Welcome to Frog's Leap Gallery. Carol Perron Sommerfield is an award winning representational artist who works primarily in oil, acrylic, and pastels. Her paintings are in private collections across the U.S., Europe, and Canada.   .

Carol Sommerfield’s  paintings capture the mood of the subject - whether it be the time of day, the glory of being alone in the woods, or the quiet moments with a still life. In addition they also say something about our lives and our own transformation over time. 

Thanks for coming and enjoy your visit to Frog’s Leap Gallery.

Welcome to Frog's Leap Gallery

Summer Update

As usual, I had high hopes for a creative summer.  Instead work got busy and so not much new work is coming out of the studio. I do have a few updates, though.
I was contacted in July by a movie studio asking to use two of my paintings in a movie that is shooting now in NYC.  Once I get the O.K. from the studio I can mention the name and give more information, but for now I am living vicariously through the two paintings.  This will be as close as I will ever get to acting in a movie and meeting some of my favorite actresses! Here's an article from Variety about the movie.

Volume 38 of Studio Visit Magazine was just published and I have two paintings in the magazine.  The latest volume can be downloaded at http://studiovisitmagazine.com/volume-thirty-eight-participants
I did start five paintings in my new Emerging series.  Sadly, only a few hours were spent on each and no progress since June due to a busy summer of work. Here they are on the 'thinking shed', which is a great place for me to really step back and think about where the paintings are going.