“Every painting tells a story of not only a moment in nature and time, but also of our own transition and change.”

Welcome to Frog's Leap Gallery. Carol Perron Sommerfield is an award winning representational artist who works primarily in oil, acrylic, and pastels. Her paintings are in private collections across the U.S., Europe, and Canada.   .

Carol Sommerfield’s  paintings capture the mood of the subject - whether it be the time of day, the glory of being alone in the woods, or the quiet moments with a still life. In addition they also say something about our lives and our own transformation over time. 

Thanks for coming and enjoy your visit to Frog’s Leap Gallery.

Welcome to Frog's Leap Gallery

Spring Update

How did so much time get away from me?  The latter half of 2017 was a wash for art.  I stopped painting. Work got busy, life got busy, I wasn't in the mood; lots of excuses. So a new year and a new start to return to what I really want to do - paint.

So far so good.  Here are the most recent paintings from the studio - paintings as of January 1. I know I can't keep up this pace, but I am a firm believer in 'success breeds success' and incrementalism.  Also fear. I have a huge solo show coming up in April of 2019 that will take ~ 75 paintings.  So far I have only a handful.

In the cold winter months I'll probably focus on still lives - since my studio is by the furnace I can paint toasty warm (though I suspect being that close to a flame can also be living dangerously).  Still lives are intense and I need a break from them, so I'll be returning to the emerging series in between to give my eyes a rest.  

Here are the most recent paintings for 2018:
Here's the start of the other paintings - to be painted as a break from still lives! 

Come visit me and see my new work at the 18th annual  Rivertowns Studio Tour!  Saturday and Sunday, April 21 & 22, 11 am - 5 pm. 
23 Orlando Avenue
Ardsley, NY 10502