“Every painting tells a story of not only a moment in nature and time, but also of our own transition and change.”

Welcome to Frog's Leap Gallery. Carol Perron Sommerfield is an award winning representational artist who works primarily in oil, pastels and watercolor. Her paintings are in private collections across the U.S., Europe, and Canada.   .

Thanks for coming and enjoy your visit to Frog’s Leap Gallery.

Welcome to Frog's Leap Gallery

What's New?

Oh my - how the world changed overnight! Planned exhibits were  indefinitely postponed or cancelled, the art world came to a grinding halt. We shelter in place and long for the days of free and easy social interaction.

In mid-March, before things got really crazy, my friend and artist muse, Gina Bratter, and I were able to have our one week artist residency at Drop, Forge and Tool - virtually. What a drag! We had such grand plans for being together and inspiring each other in Hudson, NY.  But we made the best of it and produced quite a bit of work, even during the beginning panic and shock of Covid-19. 

During lockdown I've been expressing myself creatively in the garden and through photographs. I am beginning to miss painting, and that is a good thing. I've decided to head to the Catskills for the summer and expect that I'll begin painting again. We now know our Covid-19 suspended animation will last for quite awhile so we might as well try to get back to 'normal' as best we can. For me that is painting. 

So what's new?  Below are the new works of 2020,including a few of the  photographs - very new for me. Be safe and stay sane!  
Spring #1
Watercolor, Pastel, Leaf litter